MeatEater Special Edition Off-Cuts

MeatEater Special Edition Off-Cuts

MeatEater Special Edition Off-Cuts includes the following episodes:

-Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Cooking Special
-Cooking Special: Wild Game for the Big Game
-Primal Cuts: Bone-In Cooking Special
-Meet the MeatEaters (2-part episode featuring the MeatEater crew)

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MeatEater Special Edition Off-Cuts

4 Videos

  • Primal Cuts: Bone-In Cooking Special

    In this cooking special, Steven Rinella shows his fans some of his favorite preparations for big, bone-in cuts of red meat. Interspersed with highlights from his recent caribou, buffalo, and mule deer hunts, the show features recipes that utilize some of the most underappreciated parts of big gam...

  • Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Cooking Special

    The Pilgrims didn’t get their turkey at the store and neither does Steven Rinella. On this special Holiday episode Steve cooks three enticing dishes: Wild Turkey Galantine, Smoked Black Bear Ham, and his take on the traditional Mincemeat Pie. Appetites will run large as Steve makes a special meal...

  • Cooking Special: Wild Game for the Big Game

    With a full freezer from a long and successful fall season, any big sporting event is the perfect opportunity to cook up a pile of game meat and invite over some friends to watch the game. Steven Rinella prepares a collection of killer appetizers from animals harvested on recent MeatEater episode...

  • Meet the MeatEaters

    The goal on MeatEater has always been to make viewers feel like they’re on a hunt with Steven Rinella, but on this two-part episode Rinella grants his viewers an all-access pass to see just how the MeatEater crew works together to make the show.